Makeup & Hair Hacks

So it has been far too long since I have posted in my blog here and I just noticed that I didn’t finish setting up all my pages, So I just started that task and plan to work on adding content as I create it. I also edited my Styleseat page and I signed up for a Thumbtack account. I have plans and now I just need to put them into action. I also need to start making content for my Youtube channel again it had been again far too long since my last vlog.

Here’s the fun stuff today I spent my time organizing my Pro Hair Kit hair products and came up with a totally obvious hair product hack that I totally didn’t think of until today, it seems that I can not carry just a few styling items, I need to try and carry everything so I decided that the best idea would be to take all my products and put them in 3oz travel bottles and that is exactly what I did today, I made room in my kit and added a few things that did not fit in my kit before the overhaul. Every product that I transferred into a travel bottle I made sure to label. Now my kit has more product and it is super organized. Here are some images of my product pile lol.

My Hair Product Travel Bottles

Here is a picture of my pile of Hair Products on the left in the plastic target bag and next to it is the pile of 3oz travel bottles full of those hair products, the rectangular case is full of men’s styling products so I didn’t have to carry the original containers in my kit as well.

My Travel Hair Products in my Zuca

Here is an image of my full 3oz hair product bottles in my zuca pouch, I can fit sooo much more product in my kit now mwhahahaha.

My Pro Hair and Makeup Kit

And for the obsessive compulsive organizers out in the world, here is my pro hair and makeup, after today it is even more organized than it was a few days ago, kinda hard to do since I keep my gear super organized to begin with but I managed to do it hahaha.

Today I also made a Makeup Artist Hack, I love BeautyBlender products but the the Beautycleanser Solid is a little too expensive for my liking, I mean it’s a great product and I love the design of the packaging and how it fits in my large MAC brush canister but I do not think I will be purchasing another one any time soon and this is why….earlier this year I took a makeup class with #BEATFACEHONEY in Stamford CT and in her class she talked about tips and tricks and did a full face makeup application, she also talked about how she cleans her makeup brushes and that since she is on the road so much now she needed an inexpensive way to clean them. She found that hotel soap bars was the most inexpensive way to go, so when she get to her next destination she saves the bars of soap for her brushes. Today I took her tip to the next level. Instead of using hotel soap I took a bar of Dial face soap and shaved it down to fit in an Altoids tin making it very easy to store in my makeup kit. Below is a photo of my hack:

Brush cleansers

On the left side we have the Beautycleanser brush soap and on the right we have the larger Dial soap in an altoids tin.

This was super simple to make and if you save the tin when the soap runs out just add the other piece of the shaved bar. So today was a day of organizing and hacks. If anybody would like me to make a video of how I cut down the bar soap to fit the tin leave a comment and I make one. Till next time Love & Lipgloss XOXOX

Celebrity Makeup Class

So a few months back I attended a Makeup Class in Stamford CT and I thought I would share some of the secrets with you. So below I typed out a list of products used in the class, I learned a lot of valuable information while attending this class and I’m so happy she took the time to share it with us.

When building your kit you don’t need a zucca bag to start out with, after working with her clients she found that a suitcase with all her zucca pouches and ziplock bags worked just as well, there was more space for her makeup items along with being able to fit her makeup lights in the same bag. Items you need for your kit include lightening she suggested a glamcore light or lower tota light, folding aluminum makeup chair, a cape, hand sanitizer, hand wash wipes, extension cord, towels, zip lock bags big and small, rubber bands, brush cleaner. Her advice every week buy something you have never tried and learn how to use it, so you develop more as an artist

(While I was watching the class she was applying makeup to a model so I’m only going to list off just the products in this entry)

Makeup products in her kit were as follows:

Brushes: Sigma kits, Beauty Blenders

Face wipes: MAC, Burts Bees

Makeup Remover: Clinque the purple one

Primer or milk of magnesia which she finds at cvs or Walgreens, this goes in the T-zone. Use eye primer on the face and use eye primer on the eyes

It’s also a good practice to keep liquids in a ziplock bag incase they break or explode.

Moisturizer: MAC Complete Comfort Cream (for dewy skin)

Foundation: Use palettes for making your own palettes place cream foundations in a japonesque palette or MAC palette to save space. brands she likes to use include, Black Opal, MAC Studio Tech, the Bobbi Brown Palette, Nars Sheer Glow, MUFE Flash pallets in Flesh, MAC Pro Long Wear Conclearler.

When applying foundation go lighter because you can always build up but you can not take away.

Eye brows she suggested the Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow or Mac’s tinted brow set. And then to carry a brow razor. For applying use a MAC angle brush or find some from a local craft store or buy multiples from a trade show like the imats.

Highlight under the brow and blend with your finger, don’t go too close to the inner brow and use a skin tone on top of the brows to give a clean finish after shaping them.

When priming the eyes use MAC’s paint pots.

Eye shadows: She carried a variety of products ranging from MAC, Stila, Nars, Laura Mercier, to MUFE and many others.

Eye Liner: Inglot liner

Lashes: Order them off of Alliedtrading 100 lashes for $100 bundles.

Mascara: MAC

Face Powder: Ben Nye Banana Powder, MUFE or YSL Translucent Powder, MAC Prep and Primed Pressed and Loose.

Bronzer: Laura Mercier Radient Baked  Body Bronzer

Blush: Ben Nye Theatrical Ruge Palette

Lipstick and Lip liner: Stila, MAC

This isn’t a very long list of products but it was the products she pulled out of her kit and used on her model. It was a great class and I learned a lot, I think next I’ll make  a video and  I’ll do a step by step look the same way I saw in her class but with products from my kit explaining each step. Anywho I hope this list helped and I’ll be back soon. xoxo

Quick Bitz

So I ordered a few products from MAC today, and I can’t wait to unbox them I think I’m going to use them in my 1st makeup video back for my channel. The foundation I picked out is a Mineralize Moisture SPF 15 Foundation in NW13 I picked out this one because The studio fix fluid in my shade was out of stock online and there aren’t that many options for my shade, but what better way to try new products than to order something I haven’t tried yet ^_^ So with that I will be posting pictures and swatches with a finished look along with a look video on my channel. Attached is a image of my order ::Squiee:: On a side note I have been watching FaceOff on Syfy for the last few hours and I flipping love this show, how have I not seen this before today?!?

MAC Order

Random Life and Beauty Post

So many of you don’t know this about me because I don’t talk about it, and it’s nothing bad but I do have ADD but I’m sure most of the worlds population does. Any who what I didn’t know was that when you stop taking the medication that you have been on for five years cold turkey can set off thee worst withdrawal symptoms  that I had no clue could happen, which would explain the last year of my life (See this article) anyway I thought I was fine but many of the people around me would ask why I was soo angry and I would never have an answer, all I knew was I liked the feeling of being angry, it was a rush, I needed to feel it. This is because the part of the brain that makes certain chemicals just stops and then the brain seeks ways to find these chemical responses, I am probably explaining this wrong but it makes sense as to the last year of my life. Well the good news is I’ll be making a doctors appointment very soon because out of the list in that article I suffer from about 20 of those symptoms and they are pretty horrible. Oh not to mention adderall has kept me from getting sick the last few years and masked my allergy to penicillin which I assume I have been allergic to for longer than this year….Oi

On to the happy part of my post. So I am looking for new products to order or try and I know I will be ordering a lot of skincare products from MAC with my pro discount, and I have also been saving some cash for the NYC IBS, iMATS, The Makeup Show and Beautycon if it happens this year. So there are a lot of trade shows coming up and as much as I really want to hit a Sephora or an Ulta or any other product company that I get a pro discount from I figure I can get some pretty amazing vlog footage and blog ideas from these trips which are coming up soon. Now I figure many Pro’s know this very valuable information but the more I ask stylists I meet the more they tell me that they had no clue that pro discounts were a thing so my advice to all new and seasoned Hairstylists and Makeup artists out there is to look up the requirements for a pro discount from every pro band you can think of (I must have well over 15 companies I applied to) check out this beautylish post about it here there are I am sure companies not listed on here but all you have to do is dig around on the company’s site or google the company name and pro discount and it should come up as the 1st hit in your search. Also many of these companies offer student discounts as well. Once you receive your discount online or card in the mail shopping for makeup is like christmas everyday. Well I think thats enough for this post I have class early tomorrow and still need to study for my exam some more, this was a much needed break from the books ^_^ xoxo

Quick Bitz

So I’m feeling better and decided to dig threw my makeup kit tonight and am totally planning my first look video, I can’t wait for this sinus infection to be over with. Also allergic reactions are terrible, my skin is sooo sensitive I can’t even itch it because it ends up hurting and my skin in general just feels uncomfortable then there’s the sweet headache I’ve had for days, I guess you could say I’m doing great lol. xoxoIMG_5675.JPG


Horizontal Dry Haircutting System

I know I talked about this in my last Vlog but I figured I would blog about it as well. So I work in FFLD CT for Urban Hair & Co ( and this salon is run by my boss Michelene and her husband Raymond runs Image Design Group in New Canaan CT. This husband and wife duo have been doing hair for well over 20 years and what sets them apart from other salons is their unique cutting system. First off we cut hair dry (unless you have curly hair then we will cut you wet, but most the time we dry cut) as a client you would come in we would discuss the style you are looking to achieve and then we will wash your hair and style it the way you normally would wear your hair and then we do the cut. Now not only do we cut it dry but instead of cutting it vertical we cut our sections horizontal. We do this because when you cut vertical you run the risk of cutting too much into the layers. With this system since we cut dry what you see is what you get, with wet hair you also run the risk of cutting more off because hair is more elastic when wet and shrinks up when you blow dry. So after about a year of cutting hair dry I’ll never go back to cutting wet hair. Now Raymond not only teaches this Haircutting system but he teaches us how to draw head sheets and his motto is “if you can draw it you can cut it” so whatever we draw will be the section we cut. After every haircut we draw a hair diagram in a sketch book, label it and then keep a record of our clients haircuts so we can see what we did last time when they come in for their next appointment. Now I don’t like pushing products but if you love hair education then check out the links below, one of the books is a kindle edition and then if you want the paperback copies raymond sells those too, and if you really wanted he has been booking salon education classes and has travelled to a few schools and salons in the tristate area teaching this system, all you have to do is message him on FB. Its pretty genius if you ask me I can’t believe I never thought to cut hair dry before. Well that’s all for now enjoy the links. xoxo

Raymond’s Facebook Page

Raymond’s website

kindle store

Raymond’s YouTube Channel

And lastly the Salon I work in